Ancelotti philosophically reacted to Xavi

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has philosophically reacted to Xavi Hernandez after the Azul Grana coach made references to the white team.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has responded to Xavi Hernandez’s remarks after alluding to the White team. The Italian boss philosophically said that each team ufabet has a different way of playing football. As reported by Marca on Saturday, 

‘Barca’s history calls (That we have to play well), Madrid can’t,’ Xavi told ‘Deario Sport’ earlier, ‘from history 40 years ago when (Johan) Cruyff arrived, he set the standard. , win by playing well if not then we will not be happy That’s the way we Catalans are.’

‘In Madrid, I don’t know, they are amazing opponents. They have great competitive genes, but Barcelona is another story.’

Ancelotti gave a philosophical remark on the matter during a press conference ahead of Sevilla’s Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on Sunday. 

‘I want to answer questions. What does it mean to play well? Everyone has their opinions. For me, playing well is doing things well. When you get the ball as much as you don’t. Good defense is not the same as playing well if the players don’t know what to do with the ball.’

‘Football is both offensive and defensive. And there are many ways to prevent it. With low blocking, medium or high pressure, that’s how I understand football, Atletico defended very well in the first game against Manchester City,’ said Ancelotti.